You know, it never ceases to amaze me at just how stupid spammers are and, unfortunately, how stupid those gullible idiots who allow themselves to be caught out by a combination of greed and stupidity are.

Why are spammers stupid?

Well they know that there are those gullible idiots who are keen to hand over money to Nigerian 419 scammers and the like and how they’ll click on those phishing links, especially when there’s a $ reward survey supposedly there to be had, or to sign up to MLM programs especially those that proclaim they’re not MLM deals when they clearly are. So they take the broad-brush, scatter-gun approach to sending out junk e-mails.

That must work even with a very low number of clicks per million as it’s so cheap to send out Spam.

But they’ve moved on to getting their websites some coverage. And the way they found to do this was to spam blog comments and trackbacks as well as filling in and submitting feedback or guestbook forms.

The trouble is, anyone with half a brain either junks or disallows all trackbacks or else they use the features of their blogging software to require authentication or moderation so that those Spam attempts go nowhere. Liskewise, feedback forms: they’re going to come back to people like me who’ll just junk the link spam ones without reading them.

And the best bit is that is probably costing these fuckwith spammers money to get these forms filled in, either manually or by bots. Excellent!