So according to our Council Tax Demand Notice 2007/2008 from South Norfolk District Council, our council tax bill will rise this year by 4.8% despite all the new housing stock in the area that will obviously be adding to the local taxation income.

4.8% despite inflation being higher than targetted but still only 2.8%.

But as is always the case in our area, the stand-out percentage increase comes from Norfolk Police Authority who will be increasing our tax bill by 6.9%. Yes, every year it seems this bunch of jokers demand – and receive – increases at far more than the rate of inflation. Why? I can only assume it’s mismanagement of their funds. After all, their wonderful PFI-financed Norfolk Constabulary Headquarters (complete with inadequate parking…) involved a land swap with the contractors so that the 12 (I think) locations in and around Norwich were given to the developers as part of this fabulous money-saving scheme. Except we’ve had to endure rises well above inflation which were sometimes blamed on premises costs…