Now we all know that (l)users are very thick people indeed, so it came as no great suprise yesterday when an e-mail came through from Apple yesterday welcoming a “Stephanie Burke” – oh, the irony – to iTunes Store and saying:

“Your account is set up and enables you to purchase and download immediately.”

And that’s precisely what she then did: buying a load of music files from Apple’s iTunes Store.

Now if there were to be any comeback about the purchases (for example, if the payment method was with a stolen credit card or similar), I don’t really want the shit hitting the fan here. So I changed the password on the Apple account just in case and have now gone looking to find a way to close the Apple ID but to no avail.

Changing the password required me to click a confirmation link sent by e-mail to the spurious e-mail address, so that made me wonder why, when setting up the Apple ID, did they not require a confirmation link to be clicked to confirm the e-mail was indeed theirs?

That’s a pretty basic concept: for example when users sign up to the vBulletin message boards I operate, they have to confirm their e-mail addresses before they can operate their account.

Why doesn’t Apple do this?

And why can’t you close an Apple ID/account?

I have e-mailed them via their web form to ask…