Well thank you very much!

I put through an order for a load of groceries from Tesco.com for delivery tonight between 8.00pm and 10.00pm.

At 9.30pm, I had a quick look online for my order to check the delivery slot and the website said I could not change it as they were currently filling the order.

No sign of the delivery by 10.00pm.

At 10.04pm, I get a text telling me that they have had to cancel my order due to bad weather. It’s not actually snowing and the road between my flat and the store is passable. Of course, if they’d have cancelled my order earlier and told me then, I could have gone out myself and got my groceries earlier this evening!

I am not a happy bunny and I’m waiting in a long telephone queue now…

[later] Well they’ve apologised and are sending me a £10 e-voucher to use for my next shop. Off I now have to trot to get my essentials…

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