Even typing that title reminded me that with such epic organisations, the degree of fuckwittery would be of epic proportions.

And so it is with Southwark Council’s “Council Tax Single Person Discount Review” letter which threatens to withdraw the discount if you don’t reply within 14 days.

“We are using an external agency to assist us, which will include checking data from other sources and reviewing details of credit applications made at your address.”

OK, so it’s more jobs for the boys and more cost to the council tax payers.

But you can’t fill in a form online to declare that yes, it is still just you. Likewise a telephone number. No, you have to fill in the form and post it back.

Capita have chosen not to include a reply envelope to do that. Not even one that needs a stamp. Not even a blank one. The reason?

“The Council hasn’t paid us to send out envelopes or stamps.”

So I asked what would happen if I sent them their form in an envelope without a stamp?

“Oh it won’t even be delivered to us and your reduction will go.”

That line was delivered in a really sneery voice too by the ‘helpful’ Customer Service agent on the telephone when I rang them.

So yes, more of the usual bollocks delivered by an overpriced external agency to an unfit for purpose Council. No surprises there, then.

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