ineptitude [i népti tyood], noun
1 lacking the competence or skill for a particular task
2 being generally incompetent; bungling

Do you ever get fed up with the lack of service you get from major corporations or the incompetence of large companies?

Isn’t it always the case that being a large company means never having to admit you’re wrong?

Didn’t you ever wish there was some way you could get back at them for their holier-than-thou attitude?

I know I do.

That’s why I registered some domain names and spent a bit of time and effort to bring this little project to a wider audience … and they don’t get much wider than the Internet.

Over the coming weeks and months – I do this in the little spare time I have – I aim to document some of the happenings that have annoyed me and for which I have very little hope of redress.