Well you have to laugh: the Association of Chief Police Officers’ head of road policing and Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police, Meredydd Hughes, has allegedly been caught speeding in North Wales – home of the most motorist-unfriendly police force – doing 90mph in a 60mph zone.

What are the chances of this hypocrite being banned?

Of course, he’s no stranger to the Courts, having been caught speeding by speed camera twice before. And he’s also been taken to court on behalf of his own force for failing to inform the Courts of the identity of one of his speeding officers. But then again, one of his own was acquitted of speeding to collect a takeaway, though Hughes did subsequently remove him from traffic duties, with a spokesman saying:

“Such reprimands are normally dealt with by an officer of the rank of superintendent, but the Chief Constable wanted PC Akrill to understand how his conduct had directly led to a lowering in public confidence in the police.”

I see. I wonder how Hughes will deal with himself, then, as surely by being such an obvious hypocrite, public confidence in the police is further lowered by his shining example. After all, didn’t he himself once say:

“Driving is a privilege – not a right…”