So in a Health & Safety prosecution(!), the Metropolitan Police have been found guilty of endangering the public and fined a total of £560,000 including costs.

No-one is taking responsibility for shooting dead an innocent man. No individual has been convicted of any wrongdoing. No individual has been sacked. Who will be paying that fine? The Council Tax payers in London, of course. So all those involved from the bottom to the top get off scot-free. As usual.

Why not take a look at the comedy of errors that lead to the death of an innocent man. No laughing matter, eh?

I wonder how the police would be reacting if they’d shot one of their own, like “Ivor” who was dragged out of the carriage with guns to his head and chest. Maybe there would have been repercussions then?

Daily Mail readers and others who are ‘hard-of-understanding’ are already defending these incompetents saying things like “the police thought he was a terrorist!” No, they didn’t. They thought he looked a bit like someone who they thought might have been a terrorist, despite his having “Mongolian eyes”, whatever that means. This man was innocent and was slaughtered!

Still, at least when our civil liberties are being further eroded and the ‘hard-of-understanding’ bleat out their usual “if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to fear” crap, we can remind them that Jean Charles de Menezes had done nothing wrong but as he was about to die he had everything to fear…