Oops! They did it again. After the recent debacle with Tesco cancelling my groceries delivery after the expiry of their two hour delivery slot, I placed another order at the weekend for delivery tonight between 8.00pm and 10.00pm.

And guess what? Yes, they rang me at 9.20pm and cancelled tonight’s delivery leaving me without food and milk due to a problem with the van. Great! Tesco cannot afford more than a man with a van that’s a bit rickety, apparently.

The customer services operator was surly at best but after prompting from me, he promised me another £10 voucher against my next online shop and in the meantime rescheduled the delivery for Wednesday night.

We’ll see if they can be arsed this time!

It doesn’t really matter though because after I’ve used that voucher, I’ll be switching to Sainsbury’s…

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