Well Claire lied: having been told again nearly three weeks ago by O2 that they would definitely call me back within five working days and that Be Broadband – part of O2 – would have removed their details from the line, their website still claimed that a service was already on that line, no-one called me back.

My Vodafone usage has started to come up again since I started using the webcam so I decided to give O2 one final chance to redeem themselves. So I called O2 on Friday last week and a helpful guy called Mike said he’d try again and ring me back when it was resolved, which he did an hour later.

He then took me through things and the line check sadly came back as a tad pathetic, but nevertheless they could do me a service at £7.50 a month subject only to a fair usage cap which is fine. So the other was placed as an existing O2 customer using one of my kids’ O2 mobiles as the customer details – so Jack presently gets order status updates texted through to him.

I am told the line should be active by the end of the week – at which time I’ll be able to see what sort of speed they can deliver – and my wireless router should arrive at the office here tomorrow. The speed is not what I wanted as they don’t have the exchange unbundled yet and no fibre optics in place, but we’ll see.

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