Here are my numbers for 2008 (2007 stats. in square brackets) broken into two parts:

First half of 2008 (up to 30 June 2008):

227659 e-mails received (plus the GMail ones).

211699 spams filtered by MailWasher Pro.

93% spam.

Second half of 2008 (up to 30 December 2008):

62,319 e-mails received (plus the GMail ones).

41,672 spams filtered by MailWasher Pro.

66% spam.


289,978 e-mails received (plus the GMail ones) [356,032 so minus 19%] .

253,371 spams filtered by MailWasher Pro [319,499 - minus 21%].

87% spam then.


The headline figures look good, but that split is what’s important. Basically in June 2008 with my spam stats. looking like heading for another record, I decided to kill my “catch-all” e-mail set-ups and painstakingly create all legitmate mailboxes and aliases. And with that, the spam stats. have come down dramatically.

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