HMRC Making Tax Digital

| Written by on 02.08.2022 | Government, HMR&C, Software, Stupidity, Work

There’s a lot of hoo-har over that utter shitshow that is Brexit and some of it is due to the many levels of bureaucracy forced upon British exporters now we’re no longer in the EU.  This, of course, despite the promises by the Brexshitters that leaving would get rid of all that red tape and […]

Our Old Friends Emailmovers Limited

| Written by on 23.05.2022 | Spammers

This charming bunch of cunts have been spamming me for at least the last 15 years as a search on this site will show. So today’s emails from them have amused me: “Emailmovers Limited processes your information for direct marketing purposes, in the legitimate interest of itself and its clients…” Nothing about my “legitimate interest” […]

Acquirz Spam: So Blatant!

| Written by on 16.11.2021 | Spam, Spammers

You know it’ll be a great spam email when the subject line says “This isn’t spam! Amend your record for FREE NOW!!” (loving the double exclamation marks). Oh yes, Acquirz Limited with its two directors Christopher Skinner and Russell Wilmot – who run a number of similar companies – sent me a couple of blatant […]

Properties For Less Spam

| Written by on 29.10.2021 | Spam, Spammers

One of the regular spammers I’m seeing these days is an outfit is someone calling themselves Properties4less. Every day there seem to be new ones with desperate pleas to invest in some shithole, usually up North.  The latest is Bristol though. Typically for a spammer, their website is pretty blank as all the crap is […]

Aztec Events Spam

| Written by on 26.08.2021 | Spam, Spammers

So I’ve been receiving regular emails from Aztec Events for ages now and most recently it’s their All About Dogs Show. This is of absolutely no interest to me as a) I hate show ground events and b) I don’t have a dog. But that still doesn’t stop their interminable spam from flooding in.


| Written by on 19.05.2021 | Spam, Spammers

These spammers have been sending me spam for some time now about property developments and investment opportunities and have tried their hardest to hide their tracks using register and dump domain names and websites with hidden backends. I won’t say how I found who was behind the spam emails but it’s (which again is […]

Multi Web Marketing (or is it MultiWebMarketing? No-one can tell)

| Written by on 11.05.2021 | Spam, Spammers

More shite from or should that be perhaps? Maybe Paul Smith isn’t sure himself?

Grant Shapps and the Travel Green List

| Written by on 08.05.2021 | Government, Stupidity, Travel

So we all know that the UK’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is out of his depth in a bird bath. He did, after all, go on holiday knowing that his department were about to bring in quarantine last July, and that he’d have to fly back early. What a tosser! And his incompetence and lack […]

Megabyte Data Limited Spam

| Written by on 14.04.2021 | Stupidity

An email today from and/or and/or offering to sell me spam lists. Pity they’re so bad they couldn’t even spell their email disclaimer correctly: “The informatnion contained in this email is intended only for the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. It may contain privileged and confidential information and if […]

Office Furniture Online Spam

| Written by on 30.11.2020 | Spam

Yes, they’re at it too. Debbie Docherty‘s happy smiling face pretty much every day on yet another spam email.

Lots of Spam From Hashtag Events

| Written by on 30.11.2020 | Spam, Spammers

It looks like Andrew Charlton has bought himself a spammer’s mailing list and is happily churning out spams about events no-one cares about. And then of course he adds the usual lies at the bottom of each email to pretend it’s legitimate: “You received this email because you subscribed to our list and have opted […]

Emailmovers ICO Report

| Written by on 03.07.2018 | Spam, Spammers

After yet another Spam from our old friends Emailmovers – who have a history of playing fast and loose with the law when it comes to Spam (see for instance this post and this article) – I have today decided that it is time to report them to the ICO to see if they’ll slap these spammers […]

Emailmovers Irony Filter Broken

| Written by on 05.04.2018 | Spam, Spammers

Whilst checking my Spam folder earlier, I found one sent direct to one of my email addresses by our old friends Emailmovers who have a history of playing fast and loose with the law when it comes to Spam (see for instance this post and this article). “See how Emailmovers can help you with your marketing post […]

Ask the Right Question… More Idiocy from Southwark Council

| Written by on 14.10.2016 | Government, News, Southwark Council, Stupidity, Travel

Way back in the mists of time, I wrote a bit about how Southwark Council had decided to make traffic congestion worse on Jamaica Road, SE London by stopping local drivers from using a ‘rat-run’.  Their consultation paper – sent to a tiny minority of extremely localised people – asked a series of heavily biased […]

Travis Perkins Text Spam Using Textlocal

| Written by on 21.08.2015 | Spam, Spammers

More spam received this morning. This time from Textlocal – – advertising Travis Perkins’ trade accounts: Opening a Travis Perkins account is quick and easy, simply visit{tracking URL removed} and start trading today! Optout: Text TPSTOP to 60777 They’ve suggested via Twitter that I direct message them my number so they can opt me […]

Mannatech and Ambrotose

| Written by on 31.07.2015 | Internet, MLM

So once upon a time, a friend who was dying from Motor Neurone Disease wrote a blog about living with the disease. This was a full and frank discussion of the issues, his treatments and his observations. It’s a moving story. Anyway, one entry mentions – briefly – a food supplement called “Ambrotose”: “One of […]

City of London 20mph Speed Limit

| Written by on 21.07.2014 | Government, Stupidity, Travel

On 20th July 2014, a blanket speed limit of 20mph was introduced in the City of London: Why did they decide to do that? It was apparently part of their “Road Danger Reduction Plan“. And yet, reading that, it’s not speed that’s the issue with the highest at-risk groups of cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Cyclists: […]

Southwark Council and Capita Local Government Services

| Written by on 08.10.2013 | Government

Even typing that title reminded me that with such epic organisations, the degree of fuckwittery would be of epic proportions. And so it is with Southwark Council’s “Council Tax Single Person Discount Review” letter which threatens to withdraw the discount if you don’t reply within 14 days. “We are using an external agency to assist […]

Qatar 2022 World Cup

| Written by on 04.10.2013 | Football, MotoGP, Sport

…or why football is utter bollocks. There’s a bit of a hoo-ha about holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the moment. It seems that people have just realised that with the World Cup taking place in the summer months (North of the Equator, anyway), it might be a little warm in the desert […]

Fixed Penalty Payments

| Written by on 02.10.2013 | Government, Police, Stupidity

The other day I was “making good progress” and was stopped by a Suffolk Constabulary PC who gave me a fixed penalty for the offence. We won’t even go to the whole “speed kills” bollocks (even the PC said my driving was exemplary but over the limit). I was pleased that they’ve moved with the […]


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